Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dall Sheep Phase III - Coming Home

Back at the lodge I ran for the sauna, bathed, and enjoyed a great dinner over the fire with roasted wieners, my sheep, salads, and smores.

It was great to see the other hunters and staff. We shared hunting stories and got re-aquainted. Mario shot a stud ram on the first day, 40 in. with 15 in. bases. Bill missed one and was planning on going back out in a few days. Stories were told on the front porch of the boys cabin with the smell of cuban cigars Mario and his guide were enjoying in the fresh night air. The other woman hunter who also won this hunt was still out in the field.

The next day, Sunday, was pretty lax. Johnny and I went for a hike up the river from the lodge and glassed for black bear. It was a slow day and we didn't see anything. It was decided that we would go back to Anchorage the next day. Packing was bitter sweet. Sad goodbyes were given and I was homeward bound.

Part of the Ultima Thule crew.

Paul & I at the drop off site in Chitina
Tuesday was spent as a tourist day in Anchorage. Johnny, Mario, and I did some shopping, checked in our rams with the wildlife office, and ate some great food. Mario dropped of his ram and cape at Knight Taxidermy where we met Russell Knight. He will be hosting The History Channel in his shop for prehistoric restorating. He gave us an extensive tour of his facility he was very friendly.

I flew out of Anchorage at 1:23 a.m. and arrived in Salt Lake at 8:00. I saw my husband first, it was so good to see him. Then I noticed he had our twins with him. Autumn saw me and yelled "Mommy" and came running. It all came spilling out then. Tears flowed as I held my children that I had missed so much. I was home and it felt great. I am an average housewife who was able to go on a hunt I never dared dream of. It has added to my character and increased my confidence. Best of all I have a wonderful family who was so supportive of me and a husband who beams with pride when he talks about my hunting adventure. What could be better than that!?!

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