Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally Home

The twins and I have been gone for a long time. We left Thursday June 25th for the Frost reunion and then stayed in Blanding until June 6th for the 4th of July celebration and the Black reunion. Autumn and Porter were good travelers, but I could tell they were missing home by the end of the trip. I was expecting a dramatic response when we walked in the door of our home, but nothing exciting happened. They do seem happy to be home and back into their old schedule. Overall it was a good trip and very fun to see all of our family.

Marion & Verda Black Reunion

The Black family had a reuion on July 4th-6th. It was at the Dude Ranch in Monticello Stake's guest ranch. It was an awesome place for a reunion. Autumn and Porter had a ball playing with their cousins and riding in grandma's wagon. They thought they were pretty cool sitting up and riding in the wagon. They couldn't get enough of it. They were also introduced to watermelon wedges. They loved them and each ate two full pieces. They also enjoyed sitting in the little kid camping chairs. They sat and watched kids playing in the nearby playground for a long time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Celebration

After the Frost reunion my mom and I met Brayden's mom in Moab and we started the second half of our long vacation. Carol took the kids and I to Dylan's baseball games that night in Moab. It ended up being a late night for them. We ended up leaving Moab about 10:30 pm. The twins enjoyed playing with their cousin Liz while watching the games. The 4th of July was spent in Blanding with my awesome in-laws. Autumn and Porter had fun watching the parade and hanging out with the Richmond family and Grandma Guymon. They both got sprayed by the fire trucks and didn't mind at all.

Frost Reunion in Ouray, CO

Autumn Swinging.

Porter swinging.

Dave carrying Autumn on our hike.

The Frost side of the family had a reunion in Ouray, CO on June 26th-28th. I went with mom and hung out with her the whole time. We had a good time seeing cousins we have not seen in a very long time. Ouray is beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Ouray or I'd post them. It is really a beautiful place with high mountain peaks surrounding the city with a lot of tall pine trees. We celebrated Grandma Frost's 90th birthday that is coming up in October. We had a dinner in her honor on Friday night. The twins played in the playground before dinner and had fun swinging. I'm not sure how I ended up with a black and white and green photo for Autumn. I'll have to play with my camera and see what happened there. On Saturday we went on a "hike". The so called hike ended up being about 500 feet long down to the Box Canyon Falls. We also did a 1/2 mile verticle hike to overlook the falls. It was pretty, but I don't think it qualified as a real hike! My awesome brother-in-law Dave Webb carried Autumn for me. I had Porter on my pack. It was a fun time and the kids had fun playing with their cousins.