Monday, November 24, 2008

Autumn's Curls

I'm starting to discover that Autumn has a bit of curl in her hair. Brayden has been saying this for a long time, but I wouldn't believe it. I just thought it was from laying on it and sweating making it look like it had curl. Well now I believe. It needs some coaxing, but it's there and very cute. I would love it if she continued to grow beautiful soft curls.

Autumn and Porter hanging out.

Here are the curls (more like waves). Aren't they cute!

I was trying to get her to smile and was pointing at my smile. She just put her hand up to her mouth! Not what I was looking for, but still cute.

Just Some Random Cuteness

Autumn and Porter were so cute on this day (11-11). They played together so good and were happy little kids. I love it when they have days like this. It makes me so happy to be their mom and love them even more.

So handsome!
Look at that darling face!

Cousin Fun

Porter hanging out with Grandma Richmond before church.

We had some of Brayden's family come over for the San Juan Bronco's semi-final football game on 11-08 in Cedar City (unfortunately they lost to Manti, they didn't play very well that game). Regan and Mori came with Sierra and Savannah. Autumn and Porter love their cousins and had a great time with them. Grandpa Richmond and Dylan came as well. Grandma Richmond stayed a couple extra days to attend work meetings in Richfield. She is such a great grandma and I am so happy that Autumn and Porter are lucky enough to have her. Grandpa Richmond is an amazing grandpa too. I really do have the best in-laws in the world.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Frankenstein and the Mad Scientist

For Halloween this year we had Autumn as Frankenstein and Porter as the mad scientist. I decided Autumn is too cute to be scarey looking. I've been letting Porter's hair grow so it would be wild. It turned out great. We all went to the ward trunk or treat party and had fun seeing all the kids dressed up.
Autumn as Frankenstein.

Porter as the Mad Scientist

This was before the Trunk or Treat
Earlier in the day.

Zion's and Angel's Landing

Last weekend we decided to go to Zion's and see the sights. We also decided to hike Angel's Landing. The trip started out pretty comical because our camping trailer crank attachment (the thing to crank up the tent part) got lost. So we were pretty much out of luck unless we could find someone in the campground with the same crank. Well I went on the search and after two full campgrounds being searched I found one. I came back to a fully raised tent trailer and thought Brayden found one. Well he used the crank for the jack lifts and ended up bending the crank. So we had a working trailer until we took it down at the end of the weekend. That night the kids did not sleep good at all. We were up about every half hour or hour. I don't think I slept for more than two total hours that night.
Saturday was a fun day. We checked out the visitor's center and rode the shuttle to Weeping Rock. It was so pretty. The colors were amazing.

Brayden & the kids at Weeping Rock. You can see the water dripping down in the background.
The hike up to Angel's Landing was so pretty. The leaves were changing colors and it was amazing. The hike about killed me in some places. I knew I was out of shape and this hike proved it! The kids did awesome. They didn't complain at all and both even fell asleep at different points in the hike. It was well worth the hike. I was pretty amazed at how precarious it was at the top. It was like boulder climbing with the aid of a chain. I thought they would have fences along the drop-offs to stop you from falling a thousand feet. It made it exciting, especially with the kids in backpacks. I never got real nervous, but I can see how people do get scared.

Mid hike with the beautiful fall leaves.

Brayden going down some of the boulders. Notice the sheer drop-off to the left.

All of us on the top.

Here is some video of the rocky section of Angel's Landing.

We had a great time enjoying one of Utah's many beautiful parks. Zion's is awesome. Now that we live so close to many of Utah's parks we hope to do more exploring.

Anyone Wanna Jump?

Autumn and Porter love to jump (or run around) on the trampoline. They have a blast running from one end to the other. They also like to tackle each. It brings out the cutest laughs from them. We put them in there when we are doing yard work and its kept them entertained for up to an hour.

Their hair gets really crazy and stands up on end. Right before I took this picture Autumn's hair was full of static and standing up all over the place. I touched her and got a big shock and her hair went down significantly.

Just Hanging Out

These pictures are just for fun. I thought they looked cute in their new outfits.

Autumn showing some attitude

I am embarrassed to say this, but Porter would do a funny arm fling across his chest, so Brayden started calling it the retard sign. Now when we tell Porter (and now Autumn) to do retard they will fling their arm onto their chest. It's quite funny, but to some it may be offensive.

Here they are just showing off their good looks.