Monday, December 7, 2009

Brayden & Paula's Deer for 2009 (One big, one small)

Well we both got deer this year. Mine took all three seasons and just a couple days before the close of the rifle hunt. I must say that I had a blast hunting deer this year. I have not enjoyed it this much for a long time. Brayden was a trooper and would stay home with the kids while I would go looking for deer. Brayden found one spot that was my honey hole. I was on deer about every day and saw some really nice ones (170-180 class bucks). I came within 80 yards of a beautiful four point during the bowhunt, but he winded me and took of. Man I still have a lot to learn about hunting. I finally shot this two point at about 250 yards while he was trotting away. I was standing up and shot him free hand. I must say again that I LOVE Brayden's gun. He went down after a few steps. The kids were with us on this hunt which was really fun. Autumn will still out of the blue say, "Mom shoot a deer?"

Brayden's deer is obviously much bigger than mine. He shot this beauty on the Pansaugant during the muzzleloader season. We all went camping as a family and endured 20 degree nights, cold windy days, and a trip to the emergency to patch up Porter's forehead after a stumble in the trailer. The twinners were super troopers and went hunting with us every night. They did so good and hardly complained about spending 4-5 hours a night in the truck. After one week of hunting, on Friday night, we were all sitting in the truck watching a water hole. It was amazing the amount of deer that were coming into the water. This nice buck came in three different times and on the third time Brayden decided to take him. It had his back leg shot off by another hunter which was the final deciding factor in shooting him. I got the shot on video and in the background you can hear Autumn, "Daddy shoot a deer." It was so fun to have Autumn and Porter with us. I'm glad we stuck it out through the cold and were able to see dad shoot this awesome buck.
Hanging out in the trailer.

Porter at the hospital.

Porter looking AWESOME in his thermal PJ's.

Brayden glassing for deer.

The beauty himself. . . deer or man, you decide!

The whole family.