Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Week - Non Stop Fun

Last week's fun-omoter was sky high. We had a great time in Blanding with Grandma & pa Richmond and all the cousins. It was non-stop fun for the kids and I loved the free time I was able to enjoy. I'm sure Grandma was ready for us to leave when Sunday came around, it was a full house.

On Tuesday the kids had the farm tour. They saw pigs, goats, and sheep, then topped the outing off with rides on ponies. Autumn was reluctant at first, but loved it after she got the hang of it. Every time we got her down she would repeat over and over and over, "turn," "ride horse," "turn." She was quite persistant. Porter didn't like it from the start and didn't end up liking it at all. We had him go one round with Liz where he didn't cry, but he was very uncomfortable. After naps all the kids put on swimsuits and played in the backyard water park. They had a kiddy pool with all kinds of toys to play in. Autumn and Porter loved sharing the pool with all the cousins, as long as none of them dumped water on their heads.

The week was full of other random events. Wednesday they went to the Dinosaur Museum in town and then made hats that night. Thursday was a free day. We took Autumn and Porter fishing and had fun catching 3 inch bluegills. Autumn liked to touch the fish, but Porter only liked to look at them. Friday Liz was baptised. All the kids posed for pictures afterwards which is always entertaining with 10 kids 9 and under. When it was dark enough we had our own little firework show. I found out I am not a good lighter. I would use about two matches on average for every firecracker. I also threw a crackling ball at Jamie who had to jump out of her chair and dash away. Someone else should take over that job for next year.

On Saturday, the 4th, we enjoyed Blanding's celebration. The parade was fun. It was fun to see Autumn and Porter catch on to getting candy - well kind of. They were really slow and there wasn't much hustle from piece to piece. Still they had fun stuffing their pockets with candy and watching the floats. Brayden, Robby, Laurel, and I went for a ride up to Arch Canyon while awesome aunt Jen entertained Autumn and Porter at the carnival. It is a beautiful canyon and well worth the drive. In addition it was hilarious watching Robby rally Regan's Land Cruiser.

That night we watched Blanding's fireworks display. They did a great job and we had fun watching Autumn and Porter play with their glow-sticks.