Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Kissers

Autumn and Porter are learning to give kisses. This started from me asking them for kisses, then they turned to each other and decided to give each other kisses. I thought it was really cute because I didn't prompt them to do it. They just did it on their own. They also love to wrestle. It's pretty mellow at this point. They mostly just fall on each other and laugh about it. It's really cute to see them having so much fun together.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grocery Shoppers

Here's a little video of my grocery shoppers. When I need to get just a few items at the grocery store I'll let Autumn take over the cart pushing. Porter has a good time riding, but Autumn definitely likes it more. She is still a little out of control and needs constant steering help, but she's catching on. It's cute to see them doing grown up things, and it's cute to see how proud of themselves they are.

The Boy is his Daddy's Son

So like his dad, Porter loves to look at hunting magazines. It will entertain him for a good half hour. He will turn the pages and look for deer or elk, point, and say "du". Since his eyesight is so bad, he has to lean way down to look at the pictures. He's usually closer to the page than the above picture shows. We have glasses on order for him, but Eyeglass World sucks and have failed to get his glasses to us from an order back in FEBRUARY! Never go to Eyeglass World.

Porter is really becoming quite the character. He makes me laugh every day with the new things he's doing. And YEAH!!! He's finally walking. It took him 20 months but he's doing it. It is the cutest walk to. He picks up his knees really high and holds his hands out to the side. He's so proud of himself and always has a big smile. He now has one kind of legible word, "cheese". It sounds more like "seeths" but he knows what he's saying. It's for taking pictures, not the food. He talks all the time, we just can't understand him! He is such a happy boy and I love having him around.