Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Twins in Their Sunday Best

I thought the twins look especially cute on Sunday, so I took a few photos.

Porter is starting to get fascinated by the TV. Notice what he's looking at on the TV. He loves wildlife animals, so this is fitting.

Dad and the kiddos

Here are the cuties. When Autumn gets excited about something she will double point and get a really excited expression. It is really fun to see how kids have no reservations.

As you can tell he was really excited to get his picture taken.

Autumn also wasn't very excited to get her picture taken, but she posed anyway. She was really funny when I put on this dress. She got really excited and looked down at her dress. Then she proceeded to lift up each layer and study out how it was put together. I could tell she thought she looked really cute and was excited to have a girly dress on.

Christmas Tree Hunting

We finally went out to get our Christmas tree last week. We went above our house in the Beaver mountains. We found a great tree. The kids came along and had an okay time. Porter enjoyed it more than Autumn did, and the dogs loved it.
Brayden chopping down the awesome tree.

Autumn doesn't know what to think. She had a hard time walking in the snow with her boots. They were a bit too big, so I'm sure that didn't help the situation.

Porter had a good time (even though he does look a bit dorky). He likes the snow.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Brayden's Texas Whitetail

Brayden went on a whitetail hunt the first week of December in Texas with our good friend Adam. They went with the owner of PearTree Game Ranch. He had a great time and shot a beautiful whitetail with his bow. He was spoiled and got to fly down on a private jet, eat great food, and stay in a beautiful lodge. I was really jealous, but very happy he got to go.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Talented Sister Tonia Webb

My sister was in the 2News kitchen this morning showing off her skills at making gingerbread houses. Each year she makes a gingerbread house for Midway's Swiss Christmas. These are not what you typically think of when you think of gingerbread houses. They are HUGE and immaculately decorated. She incorporates so many details that really make her houses one of a kind.
2News hasn't posted any pictures on their website, all I could find was this link referencing that someone was coming. The house she made this year is unbelievable.

Here are some pictures of 2006's gingerbread house to give you an idea of what she does.

You can't see it, but there's a little girl at the top of the stairs peeking down at Santa.

She puts pictures on the wall and decorates every nook and cranny.

The outside view. On the right is a picture of the actual house she replicated.

Way to go Tonia for sharing your talent and donating so much time to a worthy cause.

Here is a link to Midway's Swiss Christmas site. In the slide show, the house after the barn is another one that Tonia made. If you're up there is weekend it'd be worth it to go to Midway and check it out.


Autumn and Porter received an early Christmas present from Grandma and pa Tippetts. They are called iDog. They play music and flash lights on their faces. They absolutely love them. Autumn will dance and get a huge smile every time the music comes on. There's more they can do, but for Autumn and Porter, they just like the music and lights. These dogs kept them entertained for a full hour on our drive home. They are great gifts. Thanks grandma & pa Tippetts.

Here's Autumn dancing to the tunes of her new iDog.

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was a little crazy this year. We ended up hitting four different parties in three days. We started out going to my dad's Thanksgiving dinner in Spanish Fork on Thanksgiving day at 5 pm. We left at about 6:30 to meet up with Brayden's mom and sisters in West Jordan to go to the Twilight movie (Brayden stayed home with the kids :) Thanks babe). On Friday Brayden's family had Thanksgiving at about 3 pm. I made the rolls, so that took most of the day. I was able to slip out and go shopping with Brayden at Costco which I love at Christmas. There is so much to look at and so much to see. After dinner we went up to Salt Lake to stay at Spring Hill Suites Marriott with my dad and family for our Christmas party. They all went to see the lights, but we decided with the kids it would be too crazy, so we stayed back at the hotel. When everyone returned they went swimming. We didn't bring our suits, so we sat on the sideline. Porter was going crazy trying to get in so we stripped him down (with a clean diaper) and put him in with his uncle Dave. He loved it. The last time we went swimming was the end of June and he wasn't a big fan back then. He has changed his ways now and he had a ball. We asked Autumn if she wanted to go in and she just shook her head very slowly with a serious face. It was pretty obvious she didn't want in. After swimming we played games and went to bed. Autumn was so wound up she didn't fall asleep until 1 am. In the morning we ate breakfast and were on our way to my mom's Thanksgiving dinner. This is the only place I got pictures of. I was slacking the rest of the weekend. All of the cousins made gingerbread houses that turned out really good. My sister is a master gingerbread house maker. She always makes gingerbread houses for the Midway Swiss Christmas. See future posting for more details. Autumn and Porter loved playing with their cousins. It is fun to see them interacting with other kids now. They absolutely love playing with other kids. Shortly after dinner we headed home. My cousin Aubrey Walker from Idaho passed through and stayed the night with her five children. What an awesome family. I was so impressed with their manners and their concern for others. I hope to raise my kids to be as polite and helpful. Her older boys (7 & 9) offered to help set the table and get things ready for breakfast Sunday morning. They are great kids with great parents and we loved having them come by.

Porter at Grandma Guymon's Thanksgiving dinner.
Autumn playing with her older cousins. They are all so awesome.

The gingerbread houses that turned out AWESOME.

Whew! This one is finally done. It's a wordy and crazy post, but that's how the weekend felt for me. CRAZY!

I love sunset pictures

I love taking pictures at sunset. It gives such an awesome glow to the kids. Autumn has an awesome cheese face in this picture. It almost doesn't look like her.