Monday, July 12, 2010


We went for a drive looking for deer the other night. Porter and I went for a little walk and picked some wildflowers for Autumn.
She was very excited to get the flowers and would continually say, "I love my flowers." It was a cute moment.

Brayden is the one that put flowers in her hair while Porter and I were out for a walk. I thought they were a perfect touch.
It is amazing how fast these two grow and change.

Autumn is busy all the time, just going, going, and going. She loves to climb on anything and is pretty dang good at getting herself around. She loves to color, do puzzles, take baths, read to herself (she memorizes her favorite books and recites them to herself at night), her dolls, purses filled with random stuff, her fingernails and toenails painted, and Porter. It is so fun to hear her say "I love you" on her own now. She comes up with some really funny things to say like, "What are you talking about then?"

Porter is a boy through and through. He loves balls, cars, boxing, football anything (especially shirts that resemble a jersey), shooting, Little Jake books (stories about Little Jake and all of his hunting adventures), trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats, taking baths, coloring, dinosaurs, and of course his sister. He is very protective of her and will scream and holler if anything is wrong with her. He is also talking really good. He has an analytical mind and studies how things work. He is free with kisses and hugs which makes me very happy!

The best part is watching them interact with each other. There is a true bond that is very strong. They fight, they hit and pinch, but more often they play together and talk about what is on their mind. Last weekend Brayden took Autumn to Lehi with him to stay with her cousins Sierra and Savannah while he went to an archery shoot. It was the longest we've had the two of them apart. We were able to witness them talking on the phone and it was a priceless moment. Porter's face lit up as he told her about his day. I could hear Autumn on the other end with bright and cheerful responses. It was amazing to see how excited they were to talk to each other. I love being their mother, they are the greatest joy in my life.