Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hiking Red Canyon

Brayden needed to check the church attendance in Hatch (a small town by Bryce Canyon) for work, so we decided to make it a family outing. After church we drove to Red Canyon and did a short hike. It was really pretty and we had perfect temperature. Autumn and Porter love riding in their backpacks. When Brayden and I walk by each other they will talk back and forth. It's really cute.


We went fishing on Saturday. Autumn and Porter had fun playing on their blanket. Brayden caught a few small fish. The kids didn't like the fish very much. I had them touch the fish and they weren't quite sure how to react to them. Brayden had one fish on the line and hung it in front of Autumn and as soon as she reached out her hand to touch it the fish started flopping. She about did a back flip. It scared her pretty good. It started getting cold so we quit early.

Friday, June 20, 2008

All Caught Up

As you can tell I've been updating our blog with the latest and greatest photos of the twins. I'm all caught up! Now I will just need to keep on top of this so I don't have to post past events. It's been fun to see other people's blogs and read about the fun things going on in thier life. I hope people reading this one will get an idea of how Autumn and Porter are developing and stay up to date on what we are doing. Happy Blogging!

Playing in the grass 6-12-08

Autumn and Porter are doing so much better with grass these days. Porter will actually crawl all over the place and he seems to actually enjoy it now. Autumn will tolerate it. She won't move from where I set her down, and she will lift up her legs as much as she can so the grass isn't touching her. It's pretty funny to watch. I had fun taking a ton of pictures of them playing in the grass and got some cute ones with daddy too.

They love their daddy. They get really excited when he comes home. They point and say "da" over and over. He is so good at playing with them and teaching them new things. It's fun to see him so head over heels for these two cuties.

Watching the dogs and being soooo cooool! 06-08-08

These kids never cease to amaze me with how cute they can be. We took the dogs up to a local resevior to practice retrieving. Autumn and Porter hung out in the back of the truck. They loved watching the dogs and they felt so cool in the back of the truck standing up. It was funny to watch. We bought Autumn some sunglasses which she is sporting quite nicely. Porter broke his glasses so he gets to wait for new ones. It's nice to be so close to places like this so we can run up for a quick family outing. We love living in Beaver. Good people and beautiful country. The only thing we'd change would be to have family close by. Otherwise we are truly happy campers.

Autumn & her cute hat 5-24-08

Autumn loves hats. She rarely will take them off when we put them on her. This one is her favorite.

Finally it's warm enough to go CAMPING! 5-30-08

We have been waiting for a while for the weather to warm up so we could go camping. We finally got a good weekend the end of May and headed out to Big Twist by our hometown Beaver. The kids started out pretty unsure of what was going on. They have really hated grass in the past and will cry anytime we try to put them down on it. Not just an "I'm unhappy" cry either, it's full blown "I'm freaked out" cry. I put them out on a blanket while we unloaded and they cried the whole time. Finally they ventured out off the blanket and realized that grass wasn't so bad and that dirt was pretty cool. Porter really enjoys chewing on rocks. I haven't noticed him swallowing any yet, but he loves to chew on them. Porter hasn't been too sure of the dogs up to this point, and out of the blue he started petting and laughing at the dogs like they were old pals. They got real adventerous and crawled all over the place. They both really liked watching the fire and we had the all important discussion about "hot".

At night we put them in our mummy bags and scinched up the top so only their heads were poking out. They slept pretty good. Autumn woke up a few times in the early am, but we didn't hear a sound from Porter. When we woke up he had scooted his bag across the tent floor and was about six feet from where we left him. He was still sound asleep.

Hanging out with dad and the dogs.
Porter enjoying the dogs.

Bathtime 5-24-08

The kids love their bathtime. Porter has gotten into splashing lately and will hit the water with his hands as fast and hard as he can. It makes quite the mess, and Autumn isn't a big fan since she's the one getting splashed in the face! They still love to play with their toys and hang out in the tub. As soon as they hear the water running they will run (crawling version of run) into the bathroom and stand up by the tub waiting to be put in.

Time to eat, or sleep 5-14-08

Autumn loves mac & cheese. She sucks on the noodles as you see above. Porter also enjoys his mac & cheese. This day he was wiped out and decided to take a nap in the middle of lunch time.

Hangin' out 5-14-08

Here are a few random pics that I thought were cute.

Look at those blue eyes 4-22-08

Both Autumn and Porter have beautiful blue eyes. I love how expressive they are with their eyes. You can see mischief, joy, anger, among other emotions just by looking at their eyes.

Easter 2008

I took the kids the Beaver Easter egg hunt. They didn't do much hunting, but they had fun watching the other kids run around. Autumn got really cool purple sunglasses. They got to sit on the Easter bunny and duck's lap. (Poor girls that had to dress up like that!)

Picture Time 3-10-08

I think they are the cutest twins I've ever seen! Notice Porter's haircut. He's now sporting the frohawk.

Crib-time Fun 3-02-08

Autumn & Porter love to stand in their crib and rock it back and forth. They have a good time and think they are pretty cool now that they can stand up. I got some fun pics of them playing in thier crib. I love how cute their short little legs are.

Mohawk Man 2-20-08

Porter actually started growing some hair! I gave him a good mohawk before I gave him his first haircut. He sports it pretty good I thought. Also as you can see, Porter had to get glasses. He has pretty bad eyesight (-7.5 for those who know what that means). I think he looks darn cute in glasses. If only Autumn would leave them on him!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

1st Birthday Bash

On Feb. 2nd we had a B-day party for the twins. We joined forces with my sister Rose for her daughter as well. It was fun to have a lot of family come by for the party.

Autumn enjoyed her cake more than Porter. She got a little messy. Porter was more concerned with sucking the frosting off of the candles.
Autumn got really tired and fell asleep on daddy's lap. Porter stayed up and played with his cousin Taylor.

The Twins 1st B-Day

The twins turned one on January 25, 2008. I took some pictures of them on their birthday. They are growing up so fast. Autumn made the funniest face, so I had to post it.

Snowshoeing on Jan. 12, 2008

We went snowshoeing with the kids and the dogs in early January. It was a beautiful day up in the Beaver mountains. The kids did really good and the dogs loved breaking trails in the snow.

Christmas Toys Playtime 01-07-08

Autumn and Porter loved playing with their new Christmas toys. They had a pretty funny reaction to one of their new toys. It was a ball popper that would shoot little balls into the air while playing music. We turned it on and they both immediately started crying. Not just a whimpering cry, but a full on "I'm freaked out" cry. We had to laugh. They love it now and will play with it for a long time.