Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Outfits

So what else do you do when you get new outfits for Easter besides WRESTLE! As you can tell Autumn is not thrilled about the idea. . . .
but that's okay, because there is always the after wrestling cuddles.

Porter is like his mom when he watches TV. He gets sucked in and transports into another world. He likes his new duds though.

He's usually a happy kid.

Autumn is excited that she got to tackle dad and be victorious.

Here is her cute new dress and her pretty hair. She was so excited when we put her dress on. I told her she was so pretty and she walked around with a big smile and I could tell she agreed with me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of the Disadvantages of Glasses

Poor Porter took a tumble and fell on his face. Well with glasses this is what happens! He was pretty unhappy about it. This is the second time he's done this, but the first time its drawn blood. I hate when kids get hurt.

Beaver's Easter Egg Hunt and Playground Fun

Beaver has an Easter Egg hunt put on the by Beaver Betterment Club. Porter and Autumn had a ball picking up the candy and then had to go spend some time on the playground. They are getting much more advanced in their playground skills. It's fun to watch them climb all around and have a blast.

Porter hunting for eggs

Autumn enjoying her sucker

They didn't care much for pictures, they just wanted to eat their candy

Autumn loves to swing

Porter is also a swinging fan

They are getting good at rocking the aligator.

Every time Autumn passes this opening, she's stick out her head and cheese it. It was pretty funny to watch.

There was a guy talking to Porter on the other end. Porter didn't know where the voice was coming from. He would stick his face way up in there and laugh. Then he'd look at me and hold his hands out like "where is he?"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mom's Family Reunion

Here are some photos of our family reunion with my family. We got together in Monticello and explored the beautiful country around there. We also had an Easter egg hunt which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Porter rock climbing at Hamburger Hills

The family at Hamburger Hills

Me and the twinners at the Citadel ruins

Brayden and niece Jessica at the ruins on the way to the Citadel

Porter and Autum after the Easter egg hunt
We had a good reunion and enjoyed seeing the family. We also attended my great-uncle Bennion Redd's funeral. He was a great man full of love and generosity. It was good to hear more about his life and the many acts of service he did.

Out for a ride

I took the kids on a short ride above our house. As we were driving along Autumn said she wanted out, so we got out and explored a little bit. Autumn seemed to enjoy herself and Porter was having a good time running around in the soft dirt.
What good looking dogs!.

Wheeler's Already?

When we were setting up for Orem's SFW banquet Autumn and Porter found these four wheelers and played on them for a solid 45 minutes. They would just sit on them and grab the handles and wiggle them back and forth. Then they'd jump off and switch four wheelers. It was really funny to watch.

When they started them up, they changed their attitude towards them and decided they were not ready for wheelers yet. Whew.