Friday, June 25, 2010

Kolob Canyon

I found these pictures from November of 2009 recently and thought I'd post them. Brayden and I stopped by Kolob Canyon on our way home from St. George while the kids were with Grandma Richmond. Our intentions were to go on a good hike, but we ended up hiking only one mile to this lookout. It was pretty though!

Me being a poser.
Two love-birds.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy Mess!

So far Autumn and Porter have been pretty good about staying out of things and not making any huge messes, but they do love to dump out laundry detergent. This is not the first time they've done this, but it is the messiest. As for the orange hat, I have no idea . . . . .

Picture taken 1-2-10

Beautiful Autumn and Porter's New Do

Autumn looked especially beautiful this Sunday so I got some pictures. I had just attempted to cut Porter's hair the day before and had a major mess up. Porter HATES getting his hair cut and screams the whole time. He jerked forward just as I was touching up the last bit of the top and caused a huge buzz streak down the middle of his hair. So he got the full buzz do. I personally hate him with a buzz. He is too pale and his hair is too light. He looks like he's going through chemo. This was back on 4/18/10 so he looks much better now.

Easter 2010

We had a great time for Easter. Beaver had an Easter egg hunt in the High School gym due to a snowstorm that left about 4 in. of fresh snow. It was a little crazy with all the kids packed in there and candy spread out on the floor. It was hilarious watching the mad dash. Autumn and Porter were more interested in watching the kids grab candy than getting any for themselves. It was hilarious.

We traveled to Blanding to hang out with the Richmond's. Autumn and Porter's cousins Sierra and Savannah were there as well and the twins loved it. They love their cousins so much and they play together really well. Porter is a little out numbered, but he still has a good time. We decorated eggs on Friday and enjoyed a picnic out by Deckers (about 20 miles south of Blanding with fun rocks to play on). There were 100 eggs for four kids. The Easter Bunny was busy at Deckers. All the kids had a great time hunting for eggs, playing on the rocks, hiking, and riding in grandpa's Rhino.

Autumn and Porter in their Easter clothes.

Autumn & Porter at the Beaver Easter Egg Hunt

The kids loved decorating eggs and I found out that Brayden is quite creative with egg decorating.

Porter plopped down and raked in the eggs.

Grandpa Richmond and Autumn enjoying Easter candy.

The cousins playing on the rocks.

Autumn showing off a cool rock she found.

Porter is loving life.

Porter loved throwing rocks off the cliff.

Fun in the Rhino

The First Snowman

So I'm no snowman expert and these pictures show it. We had fun though and the kids loved it. Every time it snowed they would get excited and ask to build a snowman.

Autumn had fun even though this picture doesn't show it!

Porter loves the snow. He'll pick up handfuls like this and throw in up in the air and watch it fall down.

Pictures taken on 2-20-10