Friday, February 13, 2009

Paunsaugunt - Here Comes Brayden!!!

Brayden drew a muzzleloader deer tag for 2009 at the Hunting Expo in Salt Lake! He is very excited and is already planning and getting his equipment ready. With this tag he has potential to shoot a monster, so it will be fun to see what he gets. The hunt is in Oct-Nov timeframe, so I don't think the kids and I will be going camping in the cold. I am so happy for him and I know he will have a lot of support from his hunting buddies! Good luck Brayden. Go kill a monster!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Canyon Hike w/ Grandma Guymon

My mom came down for a couple days in the end of January. We thought it would be fun to go to St. George and get warm. It was a beautiful day, almost 60 degrees. We went on a short hike near the entrance of Snow Canyon that went to a slot canyon. The kids had a ball running around and playing with Grandma Guymon. It was really pretty with all the red rocks (reminded me of San Juan country), and it was fun to go get warm.

Here's Porter's funny run. It's usually more exaggerated than this.

Here's all of us.

Grandma Guymon and the twinners.

Grandma packing Porter.

Me packing Autumn. And yes, I'm leaning forward. I feel like I'm going to fall backwards with this pack on, so I overcompensate.

Porter's B-Ball hoop

Brayden got Porter a basketball hoop for Christmas. He really likes it. It's still a bit too tall, so we have it by the steps so he can reach. Autumn likes it every once in a while.
Here's Porter showing off his b-ball skills. Too bad the ball he picked is a bit too big for the basket.
Here are some random pictures from that day of mom & dad with the kids.

Porter's Tattoo

I had Brayden watch the kids while I hosted Bunco at our house. He took them out to eat and play around. The next day I was undressing Porter for his bath is this is what I found. At first glance I thought it was a rash or something. Then discovered it was a huge skull tattoo. It made me laugh out loud. Autumn was pretty concerned about it and kept pointing to it during their bath. It lasted about a full week.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Twins are Two!!!

Autumn and Porter turned two on January 25. They are such awesome kids and I love them more than anything (except Brayden). We had the Richmond grandparents over with Dylan and Chase for their B-day celebrations. It was a good time. I branched out and made a cake with a deer on it. I was happy with the results for my first attempt at decorating cakes. Hopefully they'll just keep getting better over the years.

Autumn is our sweet, caring, precious little girl. She is so dainty and delicate. She's definitely all girl. She has started to say some words including mommy, daddy, moose, mess, snow (noose), nose, eye, mouth, baby, cracker, bye, more, and a few others. She is always concerned about her brother and looks very disturbed when Porter is in time-out or when he's crying. She will often come over and rub his back. She is getting cuter every day and I love her so much.

Porter is our active comedian. He will talk up a storm (in complete gibberish) and use hand and facial expressions then laugh at himself. He loves running around the coffee table in the living room over and over and over. He has quite the funny run. He tucks his arm up to armpit level and will swing them much faster than he runs. Brayden says he gets his run from me, but I don't think I look quite that silly! He is also starting to say some words. Mostly just cracker, but he'll say other words when prompted and pronounces them very well. He says ball, deer, baby and others. He's a better talker than Autumn, but he doesn't do it as often. Porter is also very sweet. When Autumn is crying he will come over and stroke her hair and give her kisses and hugs. He loves giving big wide armed hugs. He is such a joy and I love him very much.

Okay, it is a little goofy looking. I'm leaving room for improvement. :)